When will my order arrive?
Engines and small machinery are delivered the next working day if ordered before 2 pm, Bulky items take 2-3 working days as the courier must contact you first to arrange a delivery slot.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. We ship worldwide. Please email info@westbankwholesale.com with your order and we will be more than happy to help you.

What oil should I use for my engine or machine?
Everything we sell uses 10w/30 mineral oil.

Where is the electric start wiring diagram?
We will always put your wiring diagram, instruction manual and VAT receipt inside a plastic wallet, inside the box.

I'm struggling to wire up my engine - what can I do?
It's likely you are trying to use the wiring diagram in the manual, please use the printed diagram from inside the plastic wallet. Get in touch on 01226 741863 if you're still struggling

Are you a British company?
Yes, we are, and all our stock is stored at our facility in South Yorkshire.

What is the rotation of the shaft on my engine?
Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the rotation is anti-clockwise as viewed from the shaft side.

I'm not sure what size shaft I need. What should I do?
The only way to be sure is to measure your existing engines shaft with digital callipers, vernier or a micrometre. Never use a tape measure or ruler as it won't give you an accurate enough reading.

Can I collect an item from your warehouse?
Yes. But you must contact us first on 01226 741863.

The product I viewed says free delivery but when I go to complete the order a delivery surcharge is there. Why?
We wish we could offer free delivery to all of our customers, but sadly some delivery postcodes are more expensive for our courier to ship to.
On every product, we place a price map on the 'Postage' tab so you know the cost upfront before making an order. 

I am wanting to make a bulk order, can I have a discount?
Yes. If you are buying 6 or more of an item we may be able to apply a small discount. Please call our team on 01226 741863 with the item code and delivery address to see what we can do for you.